Mother Nature

Learning to accept the ways of nature is very difficult.  Last week one of our ewes had triplets.  The first lamb born was very tiny but breathing.  Alan and I spend the next week bottle feeding and nurturing this little lamb so that it would live.  On Sunday, we went to the pasture and enjoyed all 6 lambs playing together and the little lamb, named Gladys, finally drinking from her mom.  It was one of the those amazing moments when we both thought that this lambing experience was wonderful and something very special.  The next day, we went to the pasture to do our morning check up and Gladys was missing.  All we know for certain is that there is no trace of her and so we are assuming that either an owl or an eagle swooped down and got her.   Alan and I felt horrible – we had got personally involved with the little lamb and are very distraught that she is gone.  We know that we are up against/beside nature at her finest but we thought we had carved out a little space that we could control.  Silly us!